Compass to Scaling Agile

Advanced online program - For professionals that want to stop talking and start doing

Most people learn how to scale Agile through on-site training. But after such a training, many are still uncertain of what to do next.

The Compass to Scaling Agile is your chance to become the action expert of Agile working in your organisation. You’ll receive one-on-one coaching from top experts in the field, learn from real-life stories... and you’ll take real actions for lasting change. With this Compass, you’ll know what to do and how to actually bring your organisation to the next level*.

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What's included?

  • E-learning chapters

    Enjoy 90+ minutes of learning content and your personal 'Compass Workbook' with over 25 expert assignments.

  • Training Dojo

    Improve relevant scaling skills - such as drawing and story telling - and learn from change stories in the Dojo.

  • Expert community

    Become part of a community of fellow change agents, consultants and trainers and help each other grow.

Get 2 hours of coaching

With experts from the field

We understand that joining and completing an online program individually can be challenging. That's why we offer 4 one-on-one coaching calls with a scaling Agile expert from the field (30 minutes each) who will guide you through the exercises and provide feedback. You can order the Compass with coaching for a total of €499.
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Get 2 hours of coaching

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Start taking action now and receive a bunch of free extras from €199.

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What can you expect?

The Compass to Scaling Agile helps you take action and conduct experiments like a true scaling-Agile expert by guiding you through these four main steps.

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This Compass is for...

Are you the right person for this journey?

  • People that have basic knowledge of scaling Agile obtained through training. (For beginners, we recommend an on-site training)

  • People that want to scale Agile inside their organisation (bottom-up).

  • People that don’t want to be dependent on expensive consultants.

  • People that can’t wait to take real, meaningful action.

Start scaling

Start taking action now and receive a bunch of free extras from €199.

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Your course instructor

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  • Abram Janse

    Course instructor

    Abram Janse

    Abram has extensive experience with Scaling Agile, interactive group trainings and Agile change management for clients worldwide in both the private and public sector.The most prominent goal of Abram is to reduce complexity in organisations to human interactions and strengthen these. He reaches this by facilitating group interactions and individual growth supported by visualisations, serious gaming, gamification and online learning platforms. Clients most value Abram for his authentic approach with which he triggers a next step in thinking and doing. As a result, he is able to generate movement and tempo.

What others say

about Abram's training on Scaling Agile


Peter Takacs


Abram is a highly skilled, professional trainer and coach. I met him when planning SAFe courses to my company. In all cases we discussed the goal and the outcome of the training, so he could advise not just which session to organize, but also how to conduct the training to reach the target. During the courses he could assess the knowledge level of the audience and was able to tailor the content accordingly. His experience and real life examples made our learning more efficient.
Philips Lighting

Zhou Steven

Philips Lighting

Highly impressed from the 3 days training for scaling Agile! Very helpful to open your mind and bring your skills to a new level! I highly recommended Abram if you want to take scaling Agile training.
Zilveren Kruis

Marijn Wegh

Zilveren Kruis

Abram his way of working worked for me and my company! Abram taught us that ‘Agile’ or ‘SAFe’ is not just an approach or a methodology, but that it mostly entails a cultural change. A change that brings overall transparency and visibility, customer satisfaction en satisfied employees! Abram managed to let me and my company rethink and change the ways we went about IT development, implementing SAFe, agile management and team collaboration. A good (and funny!) thing about Abram is, that he is capable to switch in his coaching approaches; one day he acts like a reflective observer, the other day he acts like your partner, and yet another day he is a facilitator, or a coach; he can take any roll if it helps you! He is not afraid to make a point to drive change. I learned a lot from him.

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